How would you describe your quality of sleep?

Do you suffer any of these sleep issues?

How often do you have a bad nights' sleep?

How many hours sleep do you usually get each night?

How long have you suffered with poor sleep?

What areas of your sleep would you like to improve?

Do you have any of these medical conditions?

How often would you say you feel stressed?

How stressful would you consider your work life to be?

How often does tiredness affect your performance at work?

How often do you engage with work emails or calls after office hours?

Does your work involve alternating day/night shift patterns?

Does your job involve any international travel?

How often do you exercise or take part in sport each week?

How many caffeinated drinks (coffee, tea or energy drinks) do you drink each day?

How often do you consume alcohol?

How frequently do you use your mobile or tablet before going to bed?

How would you describe the natural light in your room?

How frequently is your sleep disturbed by noise in your bedroom?

How long have you owned your mattress?

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