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Essential Breathe | Pillow Spray

Our unique plus strength sleep fragrance has been specially blended with Lavender, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Tea Tree & Eucalyptus to support healthy sleep.

Our scent creates a calming environment, helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer & wake more refreshed after a deep sleep. Tea tree & eucalyptus vapours enhance breathing passages whilst you sleep.

  • Supports natural healthy Sleep
  • Infused with natural essential oils
  • High quality ingredients
    for a long lasting scent
  • Vegan friendly & cruelty free
  • Ethically & sustainably sourced
  • Free UK Delivery

£18.49 or £17.99 / month

How they help?

Combines natural oils shown to support natural & healthy
sleep. Our Essential formula will help you:

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Fall asleep faster

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Improve sleep quality

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Less night time wakings

Why they work?

Scent molecules contained in essential oils interact directly with our brains
emotional centre helping induce calmness & feelings fo sleep:

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Tea Tree & Eucalyptus

Promotes relaxation & induces sleep.

Lifts mood & eases feelings of anxiety.

Promotes feelings of calmness & improves sleep quality.

Promotes decongestant relief & helps enhance breathing.

See full list of ingredients

Alpha-Isomethyl lonone
Amyl Cinnamal
Benzyl Benzoate

Our fragrance blend infused with natural oils will provide a beautiful scent all night.

Spray your cotton pillowcase, bedsheet or bedcover before bed.

Lightly spray 2 - 4 times from 30cms to create a mist to your preferred fragrance strength.

Allow 30 to 60 seconds for our fragrance blend to evaporate before climbing into bed for a great night's sleep.

What our customers say

  1. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Great Product, Out like a light

    I’ve been having trouble sleeping so I thought that I would try SL:PT Essential Pillow Spray. A couple of sprays every night and I am out like a light. Great product. Definitely recommend

  2. Avatar
    Rated 5 out of 5


    Great scent and really nicely packaged

    The bottle feels high quality not cheap plastic. The spray itself has a really mellow scent. A nice change from the bog standard lavender that I’ve tried from other brands. Drys quickly and is a pleasant experience.

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