About SL:PT

'Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain & body each day.'

Our Passion

Our passion for all things sleep has been founded through a personal journey of insomnia, and all of the struggles suffering with bad sleep brings to our lives & aspirations. The vision of SL:PT was founded during those many frustrating sleepless night’s struggling with insomnia, attempting to balance a successful career, and happy healthy lifestyle. Poor sleep was making the lifestyle we aspired to impossible.

‘A single night of bad sleep was all that was needed to derail all of the great intentions for the day ahead’

Determined not to allow our sleep struggles to put the brakes on our aspirations, the search began to find the answer to overcoming insomnia. The journey was long, difficult and sometimes full of disappointment. The internet seemed to be a myriad of conflicting sources, overly complex information & often oversold promises. Our journey led us to a conclusion that we all can improve our sleep, but we are all individuals & there are no one size fits all solutions.

Our Mission


Our mission is to help everyone enjoy better sleep through simple insights, tailored advice and great products. We believe that when we sleep better, we live better.

Our four co-founders come from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities & professions. But we all share a passion for health, wellbeing & sleep being the foundation to us leading the lives we aspire to.

Our Values


Here at SL:PT we are passionate about ethical business and social consciousness;
we are founded on a determination to contribute positively to the world.



We are committed to protecting the environment by minimising our carbon footprint by manufacturing locally. We monitor our supply chain to ensure all products are ethically sourced. We work hard to make our packaging as recyclable & sustainable as possible.



Our products offer the highest quality formulation, made with the best quality ingredients. All of our products are vegan-friendly & cruelty free. Our products are manufactured to the highest U.K. manufacturing standards & regulations.



We believe everyone should sleep well, but also safely with a roof over their heads. We are proud to support Shelter the U.K. charity who helps millions of people every year struggling with poor housing or homelessness. We donate 50p to Shelter for every product purchased.



We are committed to continually improving our products & bringing you the latest information to help you sleep better. We listen carefully to our customers feedback so we can provide you with products that you love.